Dragons…..What I was told, by the dragons….

Dragons in the Rain…

The first time I saw a dragon was in a thunderstorm. It was roiling around through the clouds. I saw skin and scales, fins, an occasional hint of a head or horn… AND because it was late (3AM late) and I was exhausted, I thought wow these people talk about dragons so much, they have me seeing them. It took me ten years to shed that rational mind set and realize that I was actually seeing a mythical being.
Ok – for those of you who think I need therapy and serious medication, sorry I bothered you. Please go back to surfing….
To those of you, who are intrigued, who think I might be onto something spiritual, please read on!

I have only seen one dragon that manifested that clearly, three dimensionally, fully real in front of my eyes and still I didn’t believe. For the most part, I see dragons in the sky as clouds,; I feel their energy in storms; I see them in rocks, the foliage of the forest and I sense their presence. Dragons are beings of energy, just as we are; they live on this plane and probably others, because, they also have the capacity to blip out. No, I do not know where they go. I asked and was told, and I quote, “Somewhere else…”
This has led me to the conclusion that they can travel across dimensions. Being Wiccan, I create a space between the worlds where I can connect to another dimension, one where magic is possible and energy manifests into many different forms, sometimes here on our own plane or dimension.

Dragons are for the most part on this plane, beings of spirit, pure energy without the encumbrance of a body. They have a voice, an energy form and for some reason, they like to meddle in the affairs of humans. Again I asked and was told, and I quote, “Because you are tasty….” (I hope they are referring to my energy…)

Are you getting an idea of how much information you are going to get out of a dragon? As little as possible…
So, why am I writing this on a blog? I think it is time for someone to write about dragons as they are. Not fit dragons into a pre-envisioned formula present in so many pagan/wiccan books on the market. Dragons just don’t do things as one would expect. I also believe that teaching; true teaching is given, not sold. I believe it needs to be out there for those looking and that the internet is a good place to start.

Dragons like to ride the thunderstorms, the first time I saw one was in a thunderstorm. They ride the wind and revel in the energy created and in doing so; they guide and feed the thunderstorm as well. It’s a dance, a perfectly dragon dance and it’s a heady energy and also a bit scary. Dragons are not for the faint of heart. The best place to look for or sense dragons is in a thunderstorm; they are completely engulfed in the energy and probably won’t be noticing humans they don’t already watch. How you see them or feel them, well that’s up to you. The most important thing to remember when looking for dragons is this; be completely honest with you, first. Another thing to remember is that Dragons choose humans; humans do not choose Dragons. Be prepared for disappointment. This is an energy form that chooses to work with you because the appropriate energy is there. Not because you think Dragons are Kewl, and it would be awesome to have a big protective dragon as your Totem. So if that is your mindset – stop now.

Yes, they are protective. However, they also view you as their person to work on. They expect you to listen and heed them when they impart the wisdom they are willing to share. Nothing is sacred, when you have a dragon in your life, they know no boundaries. You are theirs. It’s that simple. What do you get in return? Well, again, that’s up to you. I can relate my experiences with dragons and they will be totally different than yours. The most important aspect of being worked on by a dragon is the sharing of energy. They take a little of yours, but they also share a bit of their energy. I can tell you though, that my connection with dragons has enriched my life in ways that are special to me….even the scary stuff and yes there is scary stuff. It’s a dragon.


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