Counting Down to Albuquerque’s Reconnaissance Fair! And More….

April 29th atunnamed (2).jpg the Balloon Museum, mommysmoon & bellbookndragon will be vending this event. Come visit if you make it! Maybe  go home with a dragon!IMG_4052


There is also a contest Through Bead & Button that I’ve entered my dragons into. The theme is Myth & Folklore. Dragons are folklore and they are  supposedly Mythical. I know better.

I have two entries – One is a pair of the Dragon Earrings I just published a tutorial on, the other is a rather unusual Dragon Eye. Voting starts Monday   May 17th, 2017- I would be appreciative of any votes you can gift me, but if something speaks to you vote for it. You IMG_3559can probably vote for more than one item!

This is the facet website. You shouldn’t miss this – they have posted a lot of seasonal patterns and some to get you interested in their contest for this month. I’ve saved most of the ones for stitching! Check out the Facet website:



Free Patterns:

To Vote for the dragons!(or what you like.):

Don’t forget I’m vending at Bubonicon in August (25-27th) as well! Bubonicon is Albuquerque’s Own Homegrown Sci-fi Convention. Gotta love a convention that has rats as mascots!




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