I wake up every morning, in my little adobe casa, with a cat staring me down as if to say, you going to sleep all day? It’s rarely past 6:30AM. It’s usually Pye, short for Pyewacket. And she’s not demanding food, she gets worried if I don’t get up when my husband does to go to work. Oh, he’s the one who named her. We adopted her from Craigslist from a breeder and she came with the name Cutie Pie. I could tell right away she hated that name – Cutie or sometimes Cootie (that one made me shudder). But she liked the Pie part…of course she did, she’s Siamese after all. So while I was trying on anything I could for names, he says, ‘Let’s call her Pyewacket, she already likes the Pye part.’

What I need to tell you here is that I have avoided naming any of my Siamese cats Pyewacket. I love the movie Bell, Book & Candle. I’ve known plenty of people who have named their Siamese cats Pyewacket, some of them are witches. And that’s the problem, so am I. So now, I am witch with a cat named Pyewacket, a cliché, but she’s a lovely chocolate point and both the cat and the husband like it so I’m outnumbered. This is the point where if you feel a bit nervous, it’s time to run, because it only gets weirder…the point here is, I’m a witch, I believe in magic….

The page after this one is entitled ‘What the Dragons Told Me…..’ You got it, I work with and believe in dragons. Why not, they believed in me the whole 10 years I was trying my best to ignore them. I really do see dragons, mostly in the clouds and I have proof. I take pictures…..next point, I believe in Dragons cause they believed in me.

Egyptian Deities, specifically the Ennead and a few choice other Neter/Netjer – which means beautiful ones. Poked their way into my life and set me on an Egyptian Path. Not one that I was planning to take, but I didn’t plan the dragons either. I have waited for the energies to choose me, not the other way around. And no, I don’t have pictures of the Egyptian Deities, but I do have statues, somethings you have to take on faith. Last point – I believe in Egyptian Deities and I also believe in waiting to let the energies pick me.

I have made jewelry that feeds my spirit almost all my adult life. But I got serious when I came up with a Triple Goddess bracelet that I thought was unique and soon necklaces followed, and those items and others became the God & Goddess Collection and I opened mommysmoon, my etsy shop in 2008. It has grown over the years, I added some totem jewelry and some Celtic Knot jewelry, wandering where ever spirit led. I started with simple stringing, but I was fascinated with other techniques – brick, peyote, herringbone, crochet rope and in 2011 I started Bell Book n Dragon my other Etsy shop. It was for the dragon items, and anything in my inventory that wasn’t goddess, god or celestial in design. Unfortunately, I was too ambitious and both shops suffered. So I moved the items in bellbookndragon back to mommysmoon. The shop is still there, I don’t have the heart to close it and plan to move the dragons over when I get enough inventory.

Over the past couple of years, I have used the techniques I have learned and combined them into Dragon Eyes, Full Dragon Necklaces, Dragon Bracelets, Dragon Earrings. I use the techniques I have learned, some intuition and my connection with the dragons, to create these beautiful pieces. When crafting a piece, I get the basics done, then I let the dragon tell me what it wants to look like – sometimes this takes a day or two, sometimes weeks. And this is Magic at its best. This resulted in the latest collection  the Dragon Collection – Which I call Bell Book and Dragon.

So if I haven’t run you off by now…here are a few places where you can see my work.

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mommysmoon
Like Me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mommysmoon
and a FB page just for the dragons: https://www.facebook.com/bellbookndragon
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/orianamoon


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