For all for all you Dragon loving geeks and gamers…

Busily preparing for Bubonicon 47 SciFi and Fantasy Convention in  Albuquerque, NM the last of August. This means I have been hard at work making lots of dragon items for the con. Here’s a peek at some of the new items for Bubonicon.
First up, isIMG_1592 one of my stranger pieces. It’s a dragon’s tail pendant, neatly severed from the dragon and hanging from the tail is the axe used to separate the tail from the from the dragon. Don’t worry, I have it on authority, the dragon’s tail will grow back. This is not a small pendant…the moon I tucked into the picture is 1 inch in diameter, so the piece is around 4 inches. Oh and did I mention the tail is pose-able? Yeah, you can bend and twist it as you wish….

I am excited about this event for  a few reasons. I haven’t been to a convention in way too many years and although I’m not good with crowds, I think it will nice vending somewhere, where people don’t think it’s weird that I make dragon jewelry. I feel like I will have an appreciative audience. And hopefully some good suggestions for items for next year!







In this picture, there are three pair of dragon earrings, along with the severed tail.

Below is a dragon’s claw, probably the pinky one – I have some others that are larger…



Keep checking back, I will be posting a lot more in the next few weeks.





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