Blogging 101: Introduce yourself to the world…..

I started this blog to show the world my Dragon creations……I can’t very well reach people writing in a private journal…so hence the blog.

I have already put some of what should go here on my About page….. there are links to my etsy shop, facebook pages, and my pinterest page.

By way of introduction – name is Tracy, but my chosen name, my craft name, is Oriana. I live in the Albuquerque, NM area in a meeser pride, with my ever patient husband. Meesers are Siamese cats. I have had at least one in the house since I was 10 years old and cannot imagine living without one. As to the Meeser part, if you have ever been owned by one, you will understand the abbreviation.

If you notice the banner on my page, I have a picture of the moon-flowers that grow just outside my back door. These were a welcome gift from Mother Nature, when we moved into this house. It’s an Adobe, a real one, and the only house I have lived in that I have not wanted to gut and change. I tried for years in TN to grow them, here they just volunteer!

I make dragon eyes, dragon necklaces, dragon earrings & other dragony things that are to come……but it doesn’t stop there. I see dragons, in the clouds, don’t laugh, I can show you…..The energy I work with as a witch is dragon based. And that will be another subject for postings. I just have to get off my duff and write. Problem is I’m a doer, when it comes to crafting, but I tend to be tentative about writing about what I do. To me it seems a bit like bragging….. I do other things than dragons, I also knit, crochet, and I’m constantly learning new techniques to improve my beading and ability to create the dragons I enjoy so much. When I’m creating a dragon item, I get the basic form down and then at some point, the item starts telling what it wants to look like…and I bead, until the dragon says stop. Sometimes it takes 12 hours of work, sometimes it takes 16-20+ hours and sometimes it sits unfinished for a while waiting for the dragon to tell me what it wants to look like.

It occurs to me that maybe this blog is something I should take to Deviant Art and maybe I will post my ramblings to both WordPress and Deviant art…..

I want to connect with people who also love dragons…whether real or imaginary….I enjoy dragons in fiction and film as well as seeing them riding the winds…. If you want to know more about how I perceive them here’s the link

Now I’m going to jump off here, we are planning a trip to the Mountains this morning and while my husband is fishing, I may just catch a  picture or two of the dragons I see….

7 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Introduce yourself to the world…..

  1. Wow I think we are kindred spirits! I found your blog through blogging101 and am starting a blog about guiding teen and tween girls through goddess and moon centered conversations and activities, I hope you will come join the conversation. I look forward to meeting your dragons!


      1. My seal point would hate the competition if there was another Meezer in my life (although I wouldn’t mind). He already fights with my non-meezer cat for lap space (they usually try sitting awkwardly on each other until one of them can’t take it anymore).


  2. Dear Oriana,
    So happy you took the plunge and began blogging, congratulations on a wonderful beginning!

    I share many of your interests and passions. Also really understand what you mean about being guided to finish work. I have been planning a fibre painting featuring a dragon for a few months now, … thank you, I believe you just gave me the final incentive to order the materials I need to do it!

    I also knit, and love beded knitting. I found you on Etsy and couldn’t wait to come checkout your blog! I am so pleased to have discovered You!

    Looking forward to reading more from and about you and your dragons (a creature I adore!),
    Bright Blessings,
    Grey Dove
    PS I have two magnificent cats (I am positive one is my familiar and has been since long before I realized it), but afraid they have no pedigree to speak of.


    1. Welcome Grey Dove! You are the first person who’s actually found me on Etsy! (or at least the first person who’s told me)

      I also like to knit and crochet. Most of the dragon necklaces are bead crochet.

      I just followed you on Etsy and added your blog as well- I’m looking forward to seeing your dragon painting.

      And my Siamese cats are not registered or pedigreed. They have been bred by people who like me, who love the Siamese breed and see the need for affordable pets. Did you know that Siamese cats are really black cats with a wonky gene? The wonky gene causes the light color and the points occur on the body where the cats gets cold. Kittens are born white or cream colored. I have had a Siamese cat since childhood. I find them to be extremely smart and make really good companions and familiars.


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