Wonder What Hatches Out of These?

IMG_4154Baby Dragons Earrings, of course…..

When I found this tutorial on You Tube on making Marbled Eggs on plastic eggs, I knew this was the perfect way to package my Dragon Earrings.


It took a few times, but I found that following the video, produced a wonderful egg, that I could fill with these new Dragon Earrings – each eggs holds a pair of earrings. I used the smallest eggs I could find at Hobby Lobby, mainly cause they were the only eggs I could find that do not have holes. Mine were colored and I liked colors showing through the ink on the dragon egg, but I still had to play with it a bit.

I tried coloring the inside of the eggs with black and decided that was complicating things and when I tried to seal the inside with a spray sealer, the ink inside ran. So I decided to leave well enough alone. I may try again with nail polish….but for now these are perfect for the dragon earrings.

If you make these, I’d like to see them!




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