Look What Landed on the Roof!


Wonder what it wants?


Copper Dragon is Adopted by Rachel Caine!

She says, it looks like the dragon on the cover of her new book – Paper & Fire. Which I went out and purchased as soon as she left the table at Bubonicon. I’m still reading it, but I’m enjoying every chapter. I read a while, bead awhile, and read another chapter when inspiration wanes. I’ll have to get the first Book in the Series, but I’m hooked on this one…  I usually do my series in order, but occasionally, I start somewhere else! This one is an easy read even though I’ve started in the middle.august-28-2016-at-1051am

I’m going to have to check out her Morganville Vampire Series as well and it looks like I’ll be reading a lot from this lovely lady! She writes in my favorite genre. Check out her website here:  http://www.rachelcaine.com

I’m hoping the dragon will take time to whisper in her ear about a new book idea….on Dragons! And that the dragon’s eye she took home will glare at her until it happens!

Rachel, thanks for adopting/buying the dragon and the dragon eye. I know they got a good home!

I’ve been working on more dragon designs and maybe it’s the cover of this book, but I really strayed from my usual dragon colors.


The tail is a bit large, but I’m working a shaggy fringe for the back ridge.  Yes, there are beads strung on the fireline and there is a needle on it to keep the beads from falling off.  I took this straight from the beading table and it will go right back. I really like the red in this and wonder how it would look fading to purple.

The wing that is finished is the second version. I beaded the tail while watching TV and I usually come up with a random pattern. Imagine my surprise, when I got most of the wing done and it was done in yellow & red diamonds. Might have kept it on a larger dragon, but not on one this size! This is what happens when you let the dragon have it’s way!

I’ll get back to finishing this Dragon after Pagan Pride Day September 25. Speaking of…..I need to get back to tagging the items not already tagged….it’s always something.



And Here She is….

in All Her Glory!

This design is more flexible. Easier to wear, more versatile. You can remove the beaded rope and wear the dragon on a cloak, on a Medieval Wedding dress, add it to your LARP armor – should rate you IMG_3059around a +3 to your AC. And not least, if you have trouble fastening your own necklace, this one fastens in the front.

As you can see, she looks good from the front or the back. I decided against back ridges, for comfort.

This necklace is comfortable to wear. Has enough weight to weigh your cloak down in a pretty brisk cold wind and like all my dragon jewelry, will stop people in their tracks.

IMG_3067The next one is bugging me to get started. And I have a purple beast that needs some membranes on her wings. So many dragons…..


Interested? Here’s the link to the listing on Etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/463757013/mother-of-dragons-necklace-20-inch-light

Coming Soon to BellBooknDragon on Etsy

IMG_2277 Here are a few of my Hanging Dragons. So what do you do with a hanging dragon? Well, you hang it. Some of my favorite ideas have been:

  • Hang one from every ceiling fan in the house.
  • Hang one from a suction cup on the window next to the bird feeder – to see how the birds react. Nice house guardian, don’t you think?
  • Wear one as a necklace – I tried that. They make a nice conversation piece.
  • Of course, I will have to have one dangling from each rear view mirror of the cars.

The point is, these are cool, functional and not limited to being jewelry. And I’ve probably missed a few ideas. So let me know what you would do with one in the comments below, ideas are always welcome!

Thought I’d show you the detail in the larger dragons – Excuse the tags they are necessary for inventory. This lovely  twisted dragon has been crocheted with beads around a wire, it’s head and tail are mainly herringbone.IMG_2282

This black and gold beauty may be one of my favorite color combinations, not due to color, although I am partial to black dragons, but because they are very photogenic.


Did You Ever Want to be a Dragon?

I can’t say that I did, however, to see one, to touch one, to know that those splendid beings did exist outside of books, movies and RPG’s. Yes, I think I’ve always longed for that, but believing it was another story. I saw dragons everywhere, in the clouds, in rocks, even in the leaves on the trees and the mountains, but it took a whole lot longer to realize that in my soul there was a dragon, sitting quietly, patiently for me to realize it and accept the gift of the dragon energy.

IMG_2028And now they are everywhere. I saw this beauty the other day when I was out running around. It lifted my spirits and made me smile. Spirituality is what speaks to your soul and I’m always open to the dragon energies.

I think that’s why I make the beaded dragons, to express the joy they give me  in the brief glimpses I have of them. Believe me, it is a labor of love.

Work in Process – Black Dragon Wrap Necklace

Black & Silver Wrapped Dragon Necklace in Process
Black & Silver Wrapped Dragon Necklace in Process

This is a work in progress, obviously. It’s taken me a while to finally find a center wire that is strong enough to stand up to gentle bending and hold it’s shape. I found it, at the hardware store-Galvanized Steel wire 16-18 gauge. It could be reshaped a bit as well, to the preference or neck size of the new owner.

I’ve got a few more hours work until I’ll need some direction from the dragon. However, I’m getting some images of wings on this one. I know how to get the wires in place at least, ‘fleshing’ them out might be another matter entirely….

Blogging 101: Introduce yourself to the world…..

I started this blog to show the world my Dragon creations……I can’t very well reach people writing in a private journal…so hence the blog.

I have already put some of what should go here on my About page….. there are links to my etsy shop, facebook pages, and my pinterest page.


By way of introduction – name is Tracy, but my chosen name, my craft name, is Oriana. I live in the Albuquerque, NM area in a meeser pride, with my ever patient husband. Meesers are Siamese cats. I have had at least one in the house since I was 10 years old and cannot imagine living without one. As to the Meeser part, if you have ever been owned by one, you will understand the abbreviation.

If you notice the banner on my page, I have a picture of the moon-flowers that grow just outside my back door. These were a welcome gift from Mother Nature, when we moved into this house. It’s an Adobe, a real one, and the only house I have lived in that I have not wanted to gut and change. I tried for years in TN to grow them, here they just volunteer!

I make dragon eyes, dragon necklaces, dragon earrings & other dragony things that are to come……but it doesn’t stop there. I see dragons, in the clouds, don’t laugh, I can show you…..The energy I work with as a witch is dragon based. And that will be another subject for postings. I just have to get off my duff and write. Problem is I’m a doer, when it comes to crafting, but I tend to be tentative about writing about what I do. To me it seems a bit like bragging….. I do other things than dragons, I also knit, crochet, and I’m constantly learning new techniques to improve my beading and ability to create the dragons I enjoy so much. When I’m creating a dragon item, I get the basic form down and then at some point, the item starts telling what it wants to look like…and I bead, until the dragon says stop. Sometimes it takes 12 hours of work, sometimes it takes 16-20+ hours and sometimes it sits unfinished for a while waiting for the dragon to tell me what it wants to look like.

It occurs to me that maybe this blog is something I should take to Deviant Art and maybe I will post my ramblings to both WordPress and Deviant art…..

I want to connect with people who also love dragons…whether real or imaginary….I enjoy dragons in fiction and film as well as seeing them riding the winds…. If you want to know more about how I perceive them here’s the link


Now I’m going to jump off here, we are planning a trip to the Mountains this morning and while my husband is fishing, I may just catch a  picture or two of the dragons I see….

New Dragon’s Eye

This dragon’s eye is much smaller than the 4 inch ones I have made up till now. I found a way to make much smaller eye cabs, thus the dragon’s eye can be much smaller. The cabochon is much simpler, but the nail polish provides colors I can’t recreate with a printed eye.

Featured image

Here is the Etsy listing for this item!  https://www.etsy.com/listing/220799915/gold-dragon-eye-pin-two-inches-wide?ref=shop_home_active_2