And Here She is….

in All Her Glory!

This design is more flexible. Easier to wear, more versatile. You can remove the beaded rope and wear the dragon on a cloak, on a Medieval Wedding dress, add it to your LARP armor – should rate you IMG_3059around a +3 to your AC. And not least, if you have trouble fastening your own necklace, this one fastens in the front.

As you can see, she looks good from the front or the back. I decided against back ridges, for comfort.

This necklace is comfortable to wear. Has enough weight to weigh your cloak down in a pretty brisk cold wind and like all my dragon jewelry, will stop people in their tracks.

IMG_3067The next one is bugging me to get started. And I have a purple beast that needs some membranes on her wings. So many dragons…..


Interested? Here’s the link to the listing on Etsy.


New Dragon’s Eye

This dragon’s eye is much smaller than the 4 inch ones I have made up till now. I found a way to make much smaller eye cabs, thus the dragon’s eye can be much smaller. The cabochon is much simpler, but the nail polish provides colors I can’t recreate with a printed eye.

Featured image

Here is the Etsy listing for this item!

Triskele from Bead and Button Magazine Oct 2014 issue 123


This is a first for me! When I saw this Triskelle in Bead & Button Magazine last fall. The actual title is Celtic Knot Earrings. I knew I had to make it, so I did the unthinkable, I bought the magazine. Sounds kind of strange, but I don’t buy a lot of magazines. I’m  more inclined to surf YouTube for videos to watch. And because I am more visual, my first attempt got me no further than the first couple of rows. So it got set aside until after Yule was over, or so I thought. I actually got around to it about mid-January.

However, I kept going back and reading and re-reading until I could visualize what the words were telling me to do and which pictures to reference. Even when it finally gelled, I was constantly going back pulling out work and re-beading. But I was determined. Persistence pays off, here is the finished item after only a week of trial and error!

The magazine article has these made into earrings, but measuring in at 2 1/2 inches, I think they are a bit large to wear comfortably. However, they could be made smaller or in size 15 seeds instead of size 11. The closure was a bit clumsy – chalk that up to late night beading. I found that it was necessary to tack the joins in the center, or the Triskelle would sag and I bead pretty tight. I have plans to make more and adjust the pattern so that the join is at, or at least closer, to an intersection when assembled. And when I have that down, I will make them in the size 15’s for a pair of earrings!

Who knows, there may be a dragon in the near future holding this lovely gem!