New Dragon Necklace Design

I came up with a new necklace design, hope you all like it. I do, because it’s versatile. I love jewelry you can wear more than one way. Not quite finished with it, but here it is almost done. When it’s finished, you will be able to completely disconnect the dragon. If you are curious, read on.


The Renn Faire this spring was a mixed bag of weather, blustery cold winds mixed with spattering of equally chilling rain. I was glad I wore my cloak. It wasn’t until a lady said something to me about the dragon I pinned to the cloak I realized, I’d been walking around for a couple of hours without choking at all. I usually adjust my cloak multiple times when I wear it, what was different? Surely it was the weight of the Dragon!

I had a dragon that was destined to become a necklace, and as an after thought I attached the lovely dragon pictured. On my navy blue cloak, it popped and people noticed it. Which was what I was after, and the lovely lady who mentioned it asked for details. It made me happy to make a connection with someone like that, but it wasn’t until I got home the brain kicked in…. Actually, the dragon whispered, you’ve been making the necklaces all wrong….And of course the dragon is always right… and I took that thought and ran with it.

This dragon has sat for a couple of months waiting for a necklace and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with a chain, or a beaded rope of some sort. I could make the dragons just for cloaks, neat idea, but what if I wanted to wear it when I wasn’t cloaked? The answer was simple, I needed to make the rope removable. A clasp on the top bend of the wings would create a completely transformable dragon. I’ll post the finished item in a future post.



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