Dragon Eggs…..

I finally got bit by the Dragon Egg bug. Not sure that this is going to be a constant thing, but I’ve spend the spring energyIMG_2481 focusing on Dragon Eggs. In February, I bought half a dozen eggs in various materials, including a couple of Glass eggs. Those I’m planning on beading around. I still have a LARGE egg to cover with scales not sure about the method, but it will have to be metallic and another about the size of the large black egg in the pictures.

The picture of the black egg is the only large one I have finished. It was a paper mache egg and honestly, it was really a chore to poke holes in the surface, but the work was worth it.  A lot of the dragon eggs I have seen are so precise, they don’t look organic. The dragon eggs I have seen, that I liked were not so perfect.  Honestly the thumbtacks helped. I bought them at the Dollar Tree and they were not exactly uniform. When arranging the scales, they looked more like dragon skin, this is what I was aiming at. I was so pleased with the effect, I wanted to try more colors….so I found smaller eggs and created the Faerie Dragon size. This large one took me about a week to finish. I could do a  smaller chicken sized egg in an evening while watching TV.

I made smaller ones in black, gold, green, blue, copper and (oops!)  how did the Phoenix egg get in therIMG_2652e?  All these eggs are made on an egg form and I base coat the egg with nail polish and then add thumbtacks that are painted to match the egg color. I don’t have a pattern, in fact, I try to avoid a set pattern and leave a bit of space between some of the scales and some I overlap. Check out Wal-Mart especially now after Easter, they have dye-able eggs and chalkboard eggs (yes, they are black) at reduced prices!

My thought process when making these dragon eggs….these eggs are probably easier for the Dragon to lay and I can even imagine that they are somewhat soft, and as they dry, they harden. The more regimented version might as well, but just a bit of chaos makes it look more flexible to me, like dragon skin….and yes I know that is totally subjective. Maybe the dragons are whispering into my head, they often do.

I still need to spray all of them with sealer, but this is an outside activity and it’s wind season here. Hopefully April will calm down, so I can get them finished. Hopefully in the coming week.




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