What I got Myself into….

About half a year ago I joined a local meetup that holds workshops on teaching you how to run and promote your shop. As I was thinking about starting a newsletter and signed up for Mailchimp, but couldn’t get a handle on how to start, I suggested this past month’s workshop. So, now I’m doing my homework…..Please help me! I haven’t done homework in forever! IMG_2405

The homework is to get some of you to sign up to Out of Chaos….

I belong to an Etsy group which focuses on teaching you how to run and promote your shop and this is homework. Please help me get a list of friends and family and just the curious, who will put up with one e-mailed newsletter in their in box per month. I promise you plenty of dragon items as I am looking forward to Bubonicon again this year. I applied, haven’t heard back yet….but I’m hopeful! I did really well there last year and people really seemed to appreciate my dragons! But I digress…..

Starting in April, I am planning on creating a BellBooknDragon Newsletter – Out of Chaos… An apt name, as it describes my creative process.

It will contain information about upcoming events, new items, and items in process that haven’t made it to the shops yet. This Newsletter will be sent out the 2nd Week of the month. Date to be determined by the amount of chaos I have gotten myself into!

You have probably already seen the sign up pop up. When you navigated to this page and got it out of the way to read the blog – don’t worry, I do it too!  Just please comeback here in a bit and sign up for the newsletter when the pop up appears. You will find out more about the two dragons pictured in this entry. And more to come….




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