Comicon 2016

Today is the first day of Comicon. I’m excited! Bubonicon was a wonderful venue and I’m looking forward to this event. Also excited about the new Star Wars movie! I have loved Star Wars since the first movie, so this movie, continuing the movie that started it all got me beading my own Light Saber Earrings. IMG_1994

To celebrate, I’m posting a tutorial. Actually, I thought I would print out copies of the tutorial to hand out at Comicon Albuquerque, however, my printer had other ideas….so I’m posting the tutorial here. I figure, it’s a good way to build my blog…..

Light Saber Earrings

So, what am I wearing? Well, not the Light Saber Earrings…..While shopping for holiday presents, I ran across a set of  space craft that included the Millennium Falcon, so here is what I’m wearing at least today…..IMG_2019Yeah, I’m wearing a dog fight….I believe the Millennium Falcon is winning, but I’m definitely prejudiced in that area. That one Tie Fighter is toast!



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