Triskele from Bead and Button Magazine Oct 2014 issue 123


This is a first for me! When I saw this Triskelle in Bead & Button Magazine last fall. The actual title is Celtic Knot Earrings. I knew I had to make it, so I did the unthinkable, I bought the magazine. Sounds kind of strange, but I don’t buy a lot of magazines. I’m  more inclined to surf YouTube for videos to watch. And because I am more visual, my first attempt got me no further than the first couple of rows. So it got set aside until after Yule was over, or so I thought. I actually got around to it about mid-January.

However, I kept going back and reading and re-reading until I could visualize what the words were telling me to do and which pictures to reference. Even when it finally gelled, I was constantly going back pulling out work and re-beading. But I was determined. Persistence pays off, here is the finished item after only a week of trial and error!

The magazine article has these made into earrings, but measuring in at 2 1/2 inches, I think they are a bit large to wear comfortably. However, they could be made smaller or in size 15 seeds instead of size 11. The closure was a bit clumsy – chalk that up to late night beading. I found that it was necessary to tack the joins in the center, or the Triskelle would sag and I bead pretty tight. I have plans to make more and adjust the pattern so that the join is at, or at least closer, to an intersection when assembled. And when I have that down, I will make them in the size 15’s for a pair of earrings!

Who knows, there may be a dragon in the near future holding this lovely gem!


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