Dragons, Dragons, Dragons…..

Green Dragon' Eye
Green Dragon’ Eye

I am dragon obsessed right now. So much so, I’m not posting a lot here. I’d rather be beading….so maybe I should show you what I’m doing rather than talk about it. Well, maybe some description would help.

It started with a video on how to bead around a cabochon. It in no way resembles my dragons, but it did give me the basics for making the eyes.  Back stitching with beads and how to start peyote on the beads you back stitch onto the stiff felt.

You can f ind the video here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeRQ3lgLHKE

This green eye was the first, followed shortly by the red.

Red Dragon's Eye
Red Dragon’s Eye

The cabochons for these pieces were the beginning of the Dragon Eye series. I followed a tutorial for making an opal triplet in acrylic resin.(Which I can not find online now, trust me I didn’t dream it. I’ll keep looking.) I started with a round mold and an oval one. Then I poured a layer and inserted a piece of black twisted paper. Let that layer set and then added a second layer that had mica flakes mixed into the resin. When that set I popped the eyes out, backed the cabochon with classic black electricians tape and what you see is the result.

Well, I was hooked. I found a tutorial on how to make a dragon’s eye on deviant art. Link here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-Eye-Tutorial-215949919     Unfortunately it was about how to make them on the computer. I printed out the two dimension eyes and set them in resin. And this was the result….Black dragons really resonate with me, so I claimed this one!011

I was thrilled, but also sure that I couldn’t make the all important eye pupil look as real as the black one’s. So I went on Etsy and found some dragon eye graphics for sale so I could make my own graphics. Here’s the shop link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MegansCreativeDesign

I made some cabochons from these graphics and this is the result.

041Every dragon eye, I’m trying something different. Just like the crochet dragons, once I get the basic form finished, I let the dragons tell me what do to next. All the eyes are backed with a poly suede and a pin finding that can also be used as a pendant. Except the white one, it doesn’t have the pendant finding, just trying something different.  Each eye takes me 12-20 hours to finish, but it’s a labor of love and I get so excited when it gets almost to the end, I starts to talk to it my precious….

I have plans for making some up as Cloak Pins I have found the Kilt pins and the next eye will be easily attachable to a cloak.


Here’s a new crochet rope dragon just in case you forgot what they looked like.


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